Over the course of a month between June and July, 2005, I was commissioned by the NGO CARE’s Sudan Basic Education Programme to develop a series of story books for South Sudanese children returning to school after many years in exile.




We were hired by CARE South Sudan and travelled to South Sudan (Nimule and Nuba Mountains) to gather information and to take illustrative photographs which could form the pictures for the books.

We hired Pat Kirby, to make the colourful illustrations. and after weeks of writing, correcting and re-writing, we had 4 stories ready to be turned into storybooks.

Sadly, the programme came to an abrupt halt when USAID, the programme’s main funder, pulled out.

By this time, only 2 books had been completed (The Motokaa Competition and Gisma Gets Married); it’s hard to tell if they ever reached their intended audiences.






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