KigeziNdoto: A Hook for Dreams

Original Work


The video is a rehearsal filmed during our fundraising period.


It is dawn at the end of a hot night. Market scene. The action takes place over the course of one day. The people are related but not relating. They search…

The search for a Hook for Dreams began many years ago…
… in the beginning, before the first sunrise…

We wanted to consider our lives and the lives of those around us.

In 2002, in our production of The Voice of a Dream, we began to ask what would have happened if we all were able to pursue our dream; how would our lives have turned out?

In 2004, we were invited to explore some more. With the invitation to the World Music Theatre Festival in Holland (The Netherlands), we had the pleasure to think some more about dreams.

We invite you to our Kigezi, our hook for dreams, KIGEZINDOTO.

Our story tells of our discoveries, our pain, our joys, our hopes.

Our dances celebrate creation, our becoming, our warriors, our heroes, our love; the rhythm of our lives.

Though the Other is Always Inside of Us, We are a Double Other, Within and Outside.

KigeziNdoto: A Hook for Dreams was originally written for an 11-city tour of Europe (Wereld Muziek Theatre Festival) in 2006. Following this highly acclaimed tour and a further four years of fundraising, a re-worked version toured East Africa, with more than 30 performances being staged in Kenya and Tanzania in 2010.

KigeziNdoto is the second story in a trilogy, which includes The Voice Of A Dream (2001) and They Call Me Wanjikũ (2007). The music, narratives and dances explore the questions Africans have been asking themselves in the recent past: why don’t we consider ourselves to be important players in the global society? KigeziNdoto is a musical and narrative response to these questions from a personal African perspective.

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