The Voice of a Dream

The Voice of a Dream

Original Work

Documentary Theatre bears witness to a moment in time; a distillation of interviews that the playwright conducts and records for performance. The style ensures that the reality of the people and events described cannot be denied. They are actual people describing actual events as they saw and understood them.

This form has been made popular by such wonderful playwrights as Anna Deavere Smith (Twilight: Los Angeles 1990), Emily Mann (Having Our Say: The Delaney Sisters’ First 100 YearsGreensboro, Still Life, Annulla: An Autobiography), Charlayne Woodard (Neat, Pretty Fire, In Real Life), Tammy Anderson (I Don’t Wanna Play House), Anna Yen and Lisa Kron (2.5 Minute RideWell).

Voice of a Dream shares the stories of 5 East Africans and their deferred dreams. The play is performed by a solo actor, with dances that are evocative of each story interspersed in between.

The original cast included Mũmbi Kaigwa, Suki Mwendwa, Edwinah Orowe, Suzzane Makena, Neema Bagamahunda, Emily Wanja, Juliette Omolo, Rebecca Wangui, Maina Kariuki, Moturi Kebaya, Michael Mburu, JC Mureithi, James Mweu and Wakake Otieno. Directed by Mũmbi Kaigwa. Choreography Suki Mwendwa. Musicians: Julius Shutu and Norihiko Yamakita. Swahili Poetry by Mgunga mwa Mnnyenyelwa.

A subsequent production had the following cast: Mũmbi Kaigwa, Suki Mwendwa, Mike Mburu, James Njogu, Patrick Owuor, Hellen Ngũgĩ, David Aliwah, Emily Wanja and Edwina Arwah. Musicians: Idd Aziz, Katana Michael and Imen Ngalibay. Swahili Poetry by Mgunga mwa Mnnyenyelwa.

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